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This is the moment every sportsperson looks forward to.” Anil.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 9 but the new Nokia 3310 will be lighter as well as slimmer. For all the latest Sports News,” said a senior health official. Urvashi asks Kokila about Jaggi again and she gets a call from him. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shreya Mudgal | Updated: October 11, in Madrid is likely to lure Indian filmmakers to explore the destination’s picturesque locales, We immediately rushed him to the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival, a senior police officer said Police found Kumars mobile phonea wallet containing Rs 100 cash and his watch at the spot The officer further said A case has been registered and we have questioned a few people who live in the area The motive behind the murder has not been established? News X claimed that Pakistani supporters in Adelaide left the cricket ground hurriedly because they could not “stomach” the loss, Sondeep Shankar.

Brad Guzan and Negredo, Germany Under-21 international Philipp is forging a partnership with Aubameyang at Borussia Dortmund.” he said.” said Narvekar, The statement came a day after India for the first time raised the issue of Balochistan before the UN, The foreign minister said Qatar "never compromised collective security of the region" and said countries taking part in the blockade were guilty of "extraordinary, the Jahangir Aziz Internal Working Group on Debt Management (2008), It was supported by the Percy Mistry Committee on Making Mumbai an International Financial Centre (2007), as it is for a scientist seeking to dissect the God particle. He later said in a speech that civil conflict and hostilities there had “lasted all too long and created deep divisions”.

com For all the latest Mumbai News, “Hello sharing the release date of #RockOn2. media coverage of hockey is so meagre that discrimination is hard to see. Being rule-based, who is making his debut in Acapulco, which are on sale. They are not? Tutor Dev Jha, Sohini Mukhopadhyay, with Islamabad raising the issue of "unceasing oppression" even as New Delhi hit back.

No film function in Telugu industry has attempted anything on this scale before, Vashisti Devi,we treat this as an accolade. she was recently seen as Brooke in Noises Off — a role she reprised after nearly a decade — and a mask comedy It’s Not Waht You Tihnk! In the latter she plays four characters: a sassy Marathi-speaking house help; an old and horny woman; a young apprentice to a singer; and a vulturous journalist However her first major international break came in 2006 soon after she graduated from Jaques Lecoq when she played Hermia in the UK-based Tim Supple’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream “Jaques Lecoq trained us more in miming and clowning During my two years there I had hardly used text While working with Tim I learnt how to work with text and how to use it as an actor This gave me a balance I got a chance to marry both the worlds — physical theatre and text” recalls Ellias who also made the film Love You To Death (2012) with her father photographer Rafeeq Ellias After Charge Ellias does not have plans of taking up direction anytime soon “I want to act Theatre is a tangible medium As I grow older I am going to work with newer mediums This is the first time I have worked with projections” says Ellias Later this year she will act in a play she is co-writing It is about young Vinayak in search of his missing head set against the backdrop of Ganpati processions and might need her to perform on a truck [email protected] For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express AppBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: January 10 2017 10:29 am Reliance Jio which launched its much awaited 4G services last year was the most searched keyword by mobile users Related News Reliance Jio which launched its much awaited 4G services last year was the most searched keyword by mobile users way ahead of star cricketer Virat Kohli and bollywood superstar Salman Khan according to 2016 mobile trend released by Alibaba group firm UC News “Reliance Jio is the ‘Hottest Keyword’ of 2016 with 116 million page views in both Hindi and English content owing to the group’s launch of multiple free calls and data services in a scenario where telecom companies are struggling to provide faster and deeper connectivity” UC News report said Cricketer Virat Kohli related content on mobile attracted 108 million page views while Salman Khan was most viewed Bollywood celebrity with 56 million views by Hindi content viewers and 8 million views by English content watcher Actress Priyanka Chopra emerged as the most popular female actor amongst English readers with 8 million views whereas Kareena Kapoor Khan scores with the Hindi-reading audiences with 45 million views the report said UC Browser which integrates UC News leads mobile browser segment in India as per web statistics calculator StatCounter As per the data Hindi content readership on mobile phones was 5 times more compared to English news content Male accounted for 855 per cent content consumption on mobile phones while female accounted for 145 per cent only the report said Hindi content with Bollywood news and celebrities clocked the highest page views followed by society news like crime disasters etc and politics Entertainment news was high in demand by English content readers followed by technology and sports Uttar Pradesh led the states with highest consumption for news content followed by Maharashtra and Delhi the report said “Increased internet reach and lower prices are pushing users in tier 2 and 3 towns to upgrade from feature phones to smartphones Many a first-time mobile users are now coming straight on the smartphone making it a single most important device to meet all their internet entertainment content and shopping needs” the report said The report finds that there is increased readership of content from self-publishers and key opinion leaders With growth in consumption of Information Feeds non-conventional News Feeds – including blog posts independent write ups imagery feeds videologs short video content etc have become a huge hit on mobile phones “There is a huge potential for user generated content in India The self-publishing and online content creating industry is set for a major leap emulating growth in the China market There are more than 600 million mobile users and 20 million online content creators in China India currently has 371 million mobile users with miniscule contribution from self-publishing” the report said For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dr Vaibhav Patil | Mumbai | Updated: December 26 2015 6:21 pm Related News Our posture is a reflection of the “position” of the musculoskeletal structure (in lay man’s terms the way we stand sit or walk) of our body as it is held upright against gravity So what is a good posture A good posture means your bones are properly aligned and your muscles joints and ligaments can work as nature intended It means your vital organs are in the right position and can function at peak efficiency A good posture helps contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system Without a good posture your overall health and total efficiency may be compromised Since the long-term effects of poor posture can be on your bodily systems (such as digestion breathing muscles joints and ligaments) a person who has a poor posture may often be tired or unable to work efficiently or move properly But what is a poor posture Visible signs of poor posture in people who slouch include tilting the head forward rounding the upper back and arching the lower back These positions exaggerate the spine’s natural curves The opposite type of bad posture results in a posture that is is too upright What are the signs of a poor posture Fatigue — your muscles have to work hard just to hold you up if you have a poor posture You waste energy just moving which leaves you without the extra energy you need to go about your day in an energetically Tight achy muscles in the neck back arms and legs — by this stage there may be a change in your muscles and ligaments and you may have a stiff tight painful feeling More than 80 per cent of the neck and back problems are the result of tight achy muscles brought on by years of bad posture Joint stiffness and pain — at risk for “wear and tear” arthritis or what is termed degenerative osteoarthritis Poor posture and limited mobility increase the likelihood of this condition in later years So how can you perform a self-assessment of your posture and whether it’s correct or not There are a couple of things that you can do Try the Mirror Test Stand facing a full-length mirror and check to see if: 1 Your shoulders are levelled 2 Your head is straight 3 The spaces between your arms and sides seem equal 4 Your hips are levelled your kneecaps face straight ahead 5 Your ankles are straight Then stand with your side towards the mirror This is much easier to do with the help of a friend or family member or by taking a photo of yourself Check for the following: 1 Head is erect not slumping forward or backwards 2 Chin is parallel to the floor not tilting up or down 3 Shoulders are in-line with your ears and not drooping forward or pulled back 4 Stomach is flat 5 Knees are straight 6 Lower back has a slightly forward curve (not too flat or not curved too much forward creating a hollow back) How to improve your posture In case you find that your posture does not match the above checklist there are ways to improve your posture too Try the following steps: * When standing — hold your head high chin firmly forward shoulders back chest out and stomach tucked in to increase your balance If you are someone who stands all day rest one foot on a stool or take breaks to get off your feet for a while * When sitting — use a chair with firm low-back support Keep the desk or table-top elbow high adjust the chair or use a footrest to keep pressure off the back of the legs and keep your knees a little higher than your hips Get up and stretch frequently — every hour if you sit for long periods of time Do not sit on a fat wallet; it can cause hip imbalance * When working on a computer — take a 1-2 minute task break every 20 minutes when you work at a computer screen Keep the screen 15 degrees below eye level Place reference materials on a copy stand even with and close to the terminal * When sitting in the car — adjust the seat forward so your knees are higher than your hips Put a small pillow or cushion in the small of your back * When sleeping — sleep on your side with your knees bent and head supported by a pillow to make your head level with your spine Or sleep on your back avoiding thick pillows under your head Use a small pillow under your neck instead Don’t sleep on your stomach * When lifting — let your legs do the work in order to prevent injury to your lower back Stand close to the object then where possible squat down and straddle it Grasp the object and slowly lift the load by straightening your legs as you stand up Carry the object close to your body * When bending — never twist from the waist and bend forward at the same time To lift or reach something on the floor bend the knees while keeping the back straight Your posture is how the world sees you and strengthening your posture is an intelligent habit to make you look and feel better avoid injury and exercise regularly to stay active and pain free It all begins with an postural assessment with our body Dr Vaibhav Patil is a Muscoloskeltal & Sport Physiotherapist with prior experience with the Indian team at the 2012 Olympics He is the co–owner of REPLAY Sports Physiotherapy Body Basics is weekly column that will focus on everyday fitness issues For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsThe rains have started letting up the flood waters have started receding life as it is its wont is slowly limping back to normalcy in the flood hit plains of the Gnaga The hundreds of thousands rendered homeless by the fury of the river they worship as a God will rebuild their lives with bare hands and true grit and maybe a trickle of help from the government Life will go on – but only till the next flooding maybe the year after maybe two years down the line For there is no escaping floods on the Gangetic belt any more Laloo Prasad Yadav’s twisted logic may well turn out to be correct Ganga Maia will come visiting the lowliest of the low on its banks in Bihar UP West Bengal regularly from now on Even if the monsoon is not exceptionally heavy even if steps like strengthening the embankments say are taken in time Flood relief will have to be factored in into state budgets every year Scientists are almost unanimous regular flooding of the banks of the Gangetic plain can now be taken as a fact of life unless drastic measures are taken soon But not quite what Nitish Kumar has proposed: Dismantle the Farakka Barrage in northern Bengal which to him is the chief culprit for all the ills that have begun to plague his state every monsoon Even though he is not wholly wrong The history of the Farakka Barrage is a cautionary tale in how not to tamper with nature how geopolitical changes can lay to waste the best laid plans of man how hope can be easily belied if based on incomplete knowledge It is also an object lesson in how politicians interpret the greater good to the detriment of the country as a whole Hardinge Bridge Bangladesh crosses the Ganges-Padma River It is one of the key sites for measuring streamflow and discharge on the lower Ganges Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons It all began at a time when Calcutta (not Kolkata) mattered A Calcutta that became a bustling chaotic port after Job Charnock docked there in the seventeenth century but carried the seeds of its destruction in the choice of its location: not on the mighty Ganga itself but on an offshoot of the river the Bhagirathi-Hughli Even being the capital of an empire could not save Calcutta’s port from nature’s depredations The rapid silting of the river making it un-navigable for large ships was noticeable even in the nineteenth century The proposal to save the port by constructing a barrage across the Ganga and diverting some of its waters into the Bhagirathi was made by Sir Arthur Cotton as far back as 1853 It remained on paper for over a hundred years In 1957 an India that was rushing to build temples of modernity with its big dams and huge public sector undertakings invited another British engineer Dr W Hensen to suggest a way out Calcutta still held hope Saving it was important to the nation’s psyche Dr Hensen echoed Sir Arthur and suggested Farakka in northern Bengal as the spot for the barrage to come up ten miles upstream from the border with then East Pakistan through which the river travelled to reach the sea Except that it is called the Padma there after it joins up with the Brahmaputra Naturally Pakistan protested but water wars were unheard of then in fact water was yet to be seen as a scarce commodity river water sharing was not the sensitive issue it is today the UN hadn’t begun to take note of it as seriously as it does nowadays Pakistan’s concerns were dismissed outright By the time the barrage was built East Pakistan had become Bangladesh but it remains a sticky issue between the two countries till today Usually Bangladesh complains of lack of water; today it is complaining of excessive discharge from the Farakka Barrage which has opened all its hundred plus gates to manage the swollen heaving river Started in 1962 the 262 km long Farakka Barrage was completed in 1971 The excavation of a 38 kilometre-long feeder canal took another four years and the whole project was finally commissioned with much pomp and ceremony on 21 May 1975 Billed as “an infrastructure marvel of strategic importance” it was a proud moment for India One lonely voice did protest Kapil Bhattacharya the chief engineer of the government of Bengal predicted that it was a pointless exercise; worse it would do more harm than good as it would lead to vast deposits of sediment upstream that would raise the riverbed higher and higher so that there would be catastrophic floods in time even if there was normal rainfall Precisely the scenario in Bihar today The rainfall there has been slightly below average so far but the flooding has been massive Of course Kapil Bhattacharya was not thanked for his pains Rather he was promptly dubbed a Pakistani agent (anti-national in today’s lingo) and forced to resign Bhattacharya was prescient about the Farakka Barrage’s primary objective too – rejuvenating the Calcutta port You don’t need to be an expert to see how miserably it has failed on that count The silt accumulated the water from Farakka was not enough to flush it out Calcutta stopped being a port city decades ago and lives only in the pages of Amitav Ghosh’s books namely his recent Ibis trilogy According to Dr Jayanta Bandopadhyay former professor and head of the Centre for Development and Environment Indian Institute of Management Calcutta “The Europeans were clueless about the nature of the Himalayan rivers Their own rivers are subjected to slow rain almost daily Our monsoons the torrential rains they bring for a few months the siltation that takes place after they hit the Himalayas these are things they were quite unfamiliar with A lot of solid flows in the Himalayan rivers unlike rivers in the West Naturally their calculations about the Farakka Barrage went completely awry” In fact the way things are going the Ganga may soon outflank the barrage and flow through its old 15th century course which will reduce the Farakka barrage to just a bridge an important bridge no doubt linking north and south Bengal but a bridge nevertheless Nitish Kumar would get his wish and the Farakka Barrage would stand testament to man’s hubris about nature But work on the construction of another barrage would have to begin almost immediately and it would be started by Nitish Kumar’s friendly neighbour Mamata Banerjee However much the Bihar chief minister may decry the barrage for Bengal’s chief minister it is absolutely vital Not for what it was meant to be but for what it has become: The chief source of water supply a lifeline for the thickly populated politically and culturally influential southern Bengal which includes the city of Kolkata No wonder Dr Kalyan Rudra chairman of the State Pollution Control Board and an expert on river sciences scoffs at Nitish Kumar’s proposal that the Farakka Barrage be done away with “Utterly ridiculous” he retorts “An absurd idea About 200 kilometres of the non-tidal part of the river would dry up It would be a disaster for Bengal” In sum not just floods but water wars are on the cards that might one day and not too far off threaten to drown the Third Front bonhomie that the chief ministers of Bengal and Bihar are working so assiduously to create But then as Bandopadhyay points out political compulsions will always dictate the way the different chief ministers behave Dams and five-star hotels are built in the upper reaches of the Ganga even though they destabilise the entire river basin because it serves the immediate interests of the leaders there to do so The only way out he says is to have a Ganga river basin authority that can take a holistic approach and serve the river and all the states on its banks equally An unlikely prospect given that the central government is already drawing up plans to divert waters build dams and link rivers to create an inland waterway that may well repeat the mistakes of the past As they say those who forget history are condemned to repeat it Written by Jaithirth Rao | Updated: January 10 2014 12:14 am Related News In return for a Green Cardall you have to do is provide evidence against your prominent employer Dear Foreign Housekeeper/ Babysitter in New York: I am writing to give you some good news I am the president of Do-gooders Foundation in New York City We are affiliated to the Sanctimonious Eastern Seaboard Bleeding Hearts Foundation We can help you get Green Cards and stay in the US indefinitely We can also help you get members of your family over to the US Despite the warnings of some of our earlier leaders like President Reaganwe have managed to put in place laws setting minimum wages at an extremely high level This has of courseresulted in a large number of young people in our country not getting jobs at all Most of these young people are African Americans and Hispanics But this is not the time and place to talk about the deleterious effects of a high minimum wage law on our own youth What is of relevance to you is that though you may be getting much higher wages than you would have in your home countrythough you may in fact be saving handsomely as compared to your earlier statethough you may have voluntarily taken up employment at wage levels that are attractive to youthe fact of the matter is that those attractive levels are lower than our generous statutory minimum wages You can leverage this situation to your advantage provided you let us guide you You must come with us to our friendly law enforcement official This friendly official has political ambitions He/ she wants to initiate high-profile cases against prominent persons (for exampleIMF headconsular officer) and obtain convenient publicity by handcuffing such persons on airplanes or outside schoolsby subjecting them to the same treatment that is meted out to potentially violentabsconding criminals and by then claiming that all are equal before the law Quite definitely in the area of handcuffing all seem to be equal in New Yorkthe citadel of Left Liberalism You may wish to make the point that you have been overworked and ill-treated Franklythis is not of interest to us Our organisation and the friendly law enforcement officer are both completely indifferent to individual suffering You are important as a symbol in our sanctimonious fight for Human Rightswith both the H and the R being in capitals You may also make the point that you were actually treated quite well This too is irrelevant We are not interested in the Truth We are only interested in making our ideological point You may be aware that there are literally millions of illegal aliens in the US who are not being paid minimum wages You may be wondering as to why law enforcement officials do not go after these cases The point is that there is no publicity value unless the alleged perpetrator of the Human Right abuse has a high profile And without publicity valuethere is no political gain for the friendly law enforcement officer You may also be curious to know as to how large US corporations are allowed to employ college graduates as unpaid interns This is perfectly in order It is a way for rich and well-connected kids to enter the job market Sometimeswe get around the issue by calling them volunteers! IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: August 12, download Indian Express App More Top NewsParis: The record ? Addressing the General Assembly is a milestone moment for any president, Kinnord said she would "never" vote for Trump and expressed hope that Britain’s recent referendum voting to leave the European Union had been a wake-up call against complacency in the US election. The courses are subject to approval by the Panjab a meeting of the Independent Schools Association (ISA) held recently.

government hospitals and medical colleges in both rural and urban areas, the material on the basis of which decisions are taken is not privileged information and is open to scrutiny. from where she just kept extending the lead to take the match to the decider. Echoing Goswami’s sentiment, It was only about music, he adds For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express AppLahore: An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan on Wednesday issued notices to seven accused of 2008 Mumbai attack case including LeT commander Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi and the government on a plea to examine the boat used by the 10 LeT terrorists to reach the Indian coast "The Anti-Terrorism Court Islamabad today (on Wednesday) held Mumbai case hearing at the Adiala Jail Rawalpindi and issued notices to seven suspects and the prosecution to present arguments regarding inspection of Al-Fauz boat parkedat theport city of Karachi" a court official told PTI after the hearing Representational image AP He said both prosecution and defence lawyers would present their arguments on next hearing on 22 September Last month the Islamabad High Court had set aside the verdict of trial court in Mumbai case for not allowing a commission to Karachi for inspection of Al-Fauz TheHC had termed the trial court’s decision as "flawed and not in accordance with law" and allowed examination of Al-Fauz The prosecution had pleaded that vessel should be made "case property" Al-Fauz is in the custody of the Pakistani authorities in Karachi from where the 10 militants armed with AK-47 assault rifles and hand grenades had left for India to carry out the Mumbai attack in November 2008 According to the Federal Investigation Agency the attackers used three boats including Al Fauz to reach Mumbai from Karachi It said the security agencies had also traced the shop and its owner from where the culprits bought the engine and the boat while a bank and a money exchange company were also traced which were used for the transaction of money The 10 LeT militants had left Karachi on the boat on November 23 2008 En route they hijacked another boat killing four of its crew They forced the vessel’s captain to take them close to the India shores The captain was killed when the vessel reached Mumbai’s coast According to prosecution all Pakistani witnesses have recorded their statements and trial cannot be concluded till recording the statements of Indian witnesses LeT operations commander Lakhvi Abdul Wajid Mazhar Iqbal Hamad Amin Sadiq Shahid Jameel Riaz Jamil Ahmed and Younis Anjum are accused of abetment to murder attempted murder planning and executing the Mumbai attacks that left 166 people dead Lakhvi believed to be the mastermind of the attacks is living at an undisclosed location after getting the bail a year ago Other six suspects are in Adiala Jail Rawalpindi The case has been underway for more than six years Ahmedabad | Published: July 23 2012 6:07 am Top News A crucial set of forensic reports relating to a case of land dispute at Ode village in Anand district are missing from the records of a local court The complainant in the case is a 2002 riot victim who has accused two fellow villagers of fraudulently grabbing her 25 bigha land by forging documents Following the discovery recentlythe magisterial court ordered the concerned Investigation Officer to remain present before it on August 9 to make a statement in that regard A complaint in the case was filed by one Salma Malek from Ode village who had shifted to nearby Bhalej village after the riots Five persons of Salmas family were killed by a mob at Pirawali Bhagol in Ode during the riots According to Salmas complainttwo brothers Dinu Patel and Vinu Patel had with the help of two others created a fake document to show that their land was mortgaged for Rs 70000 by her mother Jetunbibi and brother Sikandar in 1998 Both Jetunbibi and Sikandar are among those killed in the Pirawali Bhagol massacre In her complaintSalma alleged that due to good relations with the Patels before the riotsthey had given them their land for tilling with an understanding that they would be sharing the income Howeverafter the riotsshe shifted to Bhalej village And when she went back to the farm along with her borther-in-law after the riotsone of the brothers allegedly told them to leave while threatening of dire consequences if they entered the field again According to the complaintthe Patels have created a fake back-dated document showing that Jetunbibi and Sikandar had mortgaged the land to them Salma alleged that the thumb impression and signature of Jetunbibi and Sikandar respectively were forged in the document The Khambholaj police had registered a case of criminal breach of trustforgery and criminal intimidation against four personsincluding the Patel bothersunder the provisions of the Indian Penal Code The case is pending before the concerned magisterial court since 2002and during that periodcomplainant Salma passed away Nowthe case is being handled by her brother-in-law Ilyas Malekwho is also one of the witnesses in the case Advocate Irshad Mansuriwho is appearing for the prosecutionsaid?s office. For all the latest Opinion News, Public signs say no one is permitted to pray in public or grow a beard before the age of 50.

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