Malaysia Airlines flight could be near Australia


first_imgProfessor Des Ball, a professor of strategic studies at Australia’s National University, said that the plane would have been picked up on Australia’s Jindalee radar system if it had been flying somewhere nearby, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. An Australian flight surveillance expert believes that the missing Malaysia Airlines flew somewhere near Australia and would have been picked up on Australian radar if it did. Investigators have also identified two possible other flight paths for the plane including one over Indonesia, Thailand and Western Australia and the other over Iran, passing through Afghanistan and Pakistan. “It’s hard to believe it could go over northern Thailand undetected, they have extensive radar,” Professor Ball said. Australia has deployed two Orion surveillance aircraft to monitor the flight corridors, including one off the Cocos Islands and one operating west of Malaysia. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has asked Malaysia whether they require further assistance for the search.  Source = ETB News: E.Hlast_img

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