How oversized floral wallpaper can transform your living space


first_imgPeople love to keep their home decorated and always try new interior designs by going for new curtains, ancient vase etc but one thing that would never go out of fashion is the wallpaper.The designs are evolving over time and the best evolution in the design of wallpapers is the oversized floral wallpaper.Experts list down ways on how oversized floral wallpapers are making trend:Oversized floral wallpapers are in Vogue as it could simply transform your space into unique and memorable. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThere are many options one can explore depending upon their taste, it could be modern, rustic, dark, sultry, light and flowy. People have been falling in love with oversized florals wallpapers and their magic. Adding a feminine touch to any home interiors, the floral wallpaper makes your space bolder and dramatic. Backgrounds are predominantly dark, and patterns tend to be oversized and leaning towards the exotic. A high contrast floral wallpaper looks stunning if you just stick to one wall. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveBalance floral prints with some neutral colours to enhance your space. Plain and textured wallpapers bring a cosy effect to a room while floral patterned wallpapers create personality and statement. Oversized floral wall covering is also tremendously in demand.Oversized Floral Wallpaper comes in different design and colour, you can simply buy these wallpaper matching your furniture to give a ravishing look either to your drawing room or bedroom. With the growing tensions and stress levels among people, over sized floral wallpaper brings a natural effect in the room. It can totally change the feel of your interior decorYou can also try this oversized floral wallpaper in small rooms with minimum furniture or in your kitchen as well.Oversized floral wallpaper is a timeless beauty and it opens wide possibility to style your home or office from modern to rustic; from Scandi to Indian. From dark and sultry notes to light and flowy; from gorgeous patterns inspired by Victorian era to oriental gems.It is easily available in market and online.last_img

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