ASAs Wellman Speaks to Benefits of Biotechnology at Summit


first_imgEmphasizing the advantages of integrating biotechnology on his farm, ASA Chairman Steve Wellman spoke to the nearly 200 attendees of the International Biotechnology Symposium in Champaign, Ill., last week. Discussion at the event centered on the pipeline of agricultural biotechnology traits that show a promising future for crop production and quality around the world.“The development, acceptance and growth of crops with biotech traits has led to numerous improvements in the farmer’s ability to meet the growing global demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel while adopting more conservation practices,” Wellman said. “Future traits for insect resistance or the ability to increase yield will continue to aid increasing production on a limited land base while consuming fewer resources. Biotechnology will also add value to our crops through quality traits such as high oleic or omega 3 oils or modified proteins in soybeans. I believe biotechnology is the base for how US farmers have achieved sustainable agricultural production and will continue to assist us in improving our ability to produce sustainably.”Wellman and other participants also addressed asynchronous approval systems that threaten new product development and commercialization and other topics. “Our challenge has been and continues to be the regulatory approval process in the US and our overseas markets,” he told attendees. “Along with the delays in getting regulatory approvals we also face the stiff challenge from some consumers and their resistance to biotechnology.”last_img

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