Nexus 4 suddenly available today but US stock only continuing rocky launch


first_imgToday, users have been receiving notifications from the Google Play store that the Nexus 4 will now be in stock starting at 12pm PST. However, in line with the device’s rocky launch and early life, it’s only in stock in the US — not exactly appeasing the rest of the world that has been patiently awaiting their new phone.Google’s new phone sports a rocky history regarding its initial life cycle. Google’s big New York City event planned to announce the Nexus 4 was canceled by a literal natural disaster, Hurricane Sandy, and Google had to settle for a much less exciting blog post instead. Then the smartphone launched on November 13, and has been hit with limited availability ever since. Customers have been reporting that their phone is still on backorder, and though the release was two weeks ago.At launch, the Nexus 4 was not supported by the Android Open Source Project, which is what helps make the platform so open and so starkly different from Apple’s operating system. The phone also didn’t launch with 4G LTE connectivity. Then, during the drought, the device appeared on eBay for a ridiculous $1900 — essentially a price you can’t pay without massive regret, a notion that was shown when the auction didn’t receive a bid. If that wasn’t enough, customers who ordered and were eagerly awaiting the Nexus 4 were met with emails from Google stating their shipment would be delayed up to three weeks.So, if you’ve been clamoring for the new Nexus 4, hop on the Google Play store as soon as you can, and keep your finger on the refresh button. Just like with the initial launch, Google has not disclosed how many units will be made available. If you’re not in the US, be patient, as Google wants to sell your their product as much as you want to buy it.via Daniel CharltonRead more: The Nexus 4 has LTE after alllast_img

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