DNSChanger shutdown coming July 9th find out if youre affected


first_imgAfter this weekend, around a third of a million computers may no longer be able to browse web pages, send or receive email, or do anything else on the internet without knowing specific IP addresses. That’s because those machines are still infected by the DNSChanger malware.For the past year, those machines have been humming along happily. Users probably haven’t noticed anything unusual, and that’s because the FBI seized control of the rogue servers and has been corralling users to their desired destinations. On July 9th, however, the FBI is going to pull the plug. Running servers costs money, after all.Unfortunately, that means some users are going to be left in the lurch. With all the press DNSChanger has gotten in recent weeks, it’s almost hard to believe machines are still infected — but they are. In the grand scheme of things 300,000 systems isn’t that many — there’s billions of internet-connected computers. Despite the odds of your own machine being infected being quite small (fewer than 20,000 in the UK, for example), it’s still a good idea to check.So how do you figure out if you’re one of the machines that are still affected by DNSChanger? The easiest way is to head on over to Google and do a quick search. Thanks to some script wizardry, the popular search engine will tell you almost instantly whether or not you’re infected. You’ll see the banner above if something is wrong.The Australian government has set up a page that will test your system, too.If a problem is detected, you can use the DNS Check tool from F-Secure to correct the problematic DNS server settings.You’ll want to do this quickly, of course, because if your system is infected it’ll be a little more problematic to troubleshoot and repair after the 9th.More at Google and F-Securelast_img

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