Walmart signs up Gaikai to stream PC games


first_imgThe next big revolution in PC games seems to be the ability to stream them to just about any device as long as you have a decent Internet connection. The two competing services in this field at the moment are OnLive and Gaikai.Gaikai has just landed itself a huge deal that will see it offer streaming games to anyone who visits in the U.S. Walmart has a subsection of its website called Gamecenter that mainly offers game details such as screenshots, trailers, and preview information alongside the ability to purchase boxed copies of those games. This new Gaikai deal will now see a “Play Now” link appear next to select titles giving you an alternative route to playing them.AdChoices广告So what does this mean for gamers? Well, a visit to Walmart’s Gamecenter could result in your getting to play a game for free as a preview. Then, if you want to continue playing you can purchase and stream the content as well as having the option to buy a boxed copy and get it delivered or pick it up from your local store.It looks as though Dead Space 2 is already available to play with others slowly being introduced over the next 12 months. Gaikai says the only limit is getting publishers to agree to let their games be streamed and played in this way.Read more at VentureBeatMatthew’s OpinionThis works well for Walmart as it can now start offering playable previews of games to help entice a purchase. Even if the user wants the Xbox 360 or PS3 version, if there’s a PC version they can preview that before paying for the console version to be delivered.Walmart isn’t going to miss the value of using this to entice hardware sales, either. Buy a new PC or invest in an iPad and you can bet Walmart will offer free streaming play on select games or for a set period of time.For Gaikai, it’s a major new customer to get on its books. There is no bigger retailer than Walmart in the U.S. and working with them will not only open up further opportunities in the future, it’s also a good test of Gaikai’s infrastructure for the whole of the U.S.last_img

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