Victorinox updates the Swiss Army Knife with a 512GB SSD


first_imgAlthough most of us don’t carry around a pocket knife past Eagle Scouts, I think all gadget lovers have a fondness for it: it’s a perfect device that has stood up admirably to the test of time. Perhaps it’s just me, but the pocket knife’s classicism is so indisputable, so finely honed that I actually get a bit offended when the likes of Victorinox cram a novelty extension into a pocket knife. I suppose that’s how the first person to ever encounter a Swiss Army Knife boasting a spork felt, but I don’t care: let’s leave the electronics out of our pocket knives, shall we?We shan’t. Victorinox have just unveiled their latest knife, and it boasts what you might, at first, mistake for a thumb drive. It’s not, though: it’s an SSD, which Victorinox claims is the world’s smallest and can hold up to 512GB of data.Of course, what’s really the difference between an SSD and a flash drive? It’s really about how it connects to your computer and the speed of that connection. Technically, then, the Victorinox Swiss Army SSD is both a thumb drive and an SSD: it’s a thumb drive when you connect it by USB 2.0 port, but you can also hook it up to an eSATA II port, which will give it native internal SSD speeds… all with built-in encryption.Pretty neat, and there’s even an e-paper display, but I still don’t like it when people mess with a classic. If you feel otherwise, though, you might have a while to wait for your Victorinox Swiss Army SSD: price and release date are still unannounced.Read more at Victorinoxlast_img

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