US Elections Issue of abortion an important factor for female voters


first_imgTHE ISSUE OF abortion will be an important factor to female voters in the upcoming US Presidential Elections, according to new research by the Pew Research Centre.Women are far more likely than men to rate several issues as “very important” to their voting decision, with abortion and health care topping the list.More than half of women (54 per cent) who are registered to vote say the issue of abortion will be a “very important” factor in their voting behaviour, compared to just 36 per cent of men.Overall, 46 per cent of all registered voters say this issue of abortion will be very important to their final decision.The vast majority of women (81 per cent) say health care will be a very important factor in how they vote, compared with 67 per cent of men.Women are also more likely to view education as “very important”, with 74 per cent of females saying so compared to 64 per cent of males. The question of jobs also gets more attention from women, with 86 per cent rating the issue as very important while just 78 per cent of men do so.There is not issue that significantly more men than women rate as “very important”, according to the research.Overall, issues such as energy, immigration and terrorism are less important to voters than in 2008.The research was carried out by the Pew Research Centre during 12 – 16 September and involved registered voters.VIDEO: Four key moments in the second US presidential debateRead: Obama claws back as race heads to wire: analystslast_img

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