Morocco Ranked Among the Worst Places to Get Good Internet Connection


Rabat – The online community for expats, published data revealing that Morocco is one of the worst countries for  internet connection.MethodThe data has been collected from the perspective of expats, as these are immigrants who typically need to communicate with their families at home, work digitally, maintain professional and personal contacts worldwide, and keep up-to-date with international news. For a country to be featured in the rankings, the first requirement was a substantial sample size of at least 75 survey participants per destination. In 2018, researchers had a minimum of only 68 participants and still ended up with a total of 18,135 expatriates contributing to the survey, meaning 178 nationalities living in 187 countries or territories were represented.Survey respondents were asked to rate their satisfaction with the following factors on a scale of one to seven:The unrestricted access to online services such as social media, the availability of government/administrative services online,The ease of getting a local mobile phone number,The ease of paying without cash,And the ease of getting access to high-speed internet at home.MoroccoWhen the results were calculated, the countries were then sorted by their total scores, ranking them into five categories. With the 1st category being the best and the 5th being the absolute worst, Morocco is in the 4th. “Ranking a low 58th place for digital life overall, Morocco is among the worst ten countries in the world for the ease of getting high-speed internet access at home,” the study says.Morocco came in the top ten for getting a local mobile number (10th exactly), but the bottom ten for availability of government services online (63rd). Morocco was also in the bottom for high-speed internet at home (59th out of 68), paying without cash (66th), but relatively average for unrestricted access to online services.In more detail, 56% of expats are unsatisfied with the access to government services online (vs. 26% globally), and one in five (or 20%) is unhappy with the availability of high-speed internet at home (vs. 16% globally). Over nine in ten expats (94%) say getting a local number is easy, which is “eight percentage points above the global average” (which is 86%). Over seven in ten expats (71%) even agree that it is very easy.The best and the worstOther countries sharing negative ratings as the worst countries for digital life are Myanmar, China, Egypt, India, and the Philippines. “Expats in these countries struggle with a lack of government services online, difficult access to high-speed internet at home, or even restrictions in their use of online services,” the report explains.“Destinations such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Brazil, which have always ranked among the worst countries for quality of life, could not change their position in light of poor results in the Digital Life subcategory,” the report reads.In the 3rd category, Kenya was ranked as the best African country to be connected and almost nine in 10 expats there are satisfied with their unrestricted access to online services, which ranks above the global average.The best of the best is Estonia “These excellent results help the country compensate its low rankings in terms of available leisure options (51st) and travel opportunities (65th): all in all, Estonia comes in a good 21st place out of 68 countries for its general quality of life.”Read also: Facebook’s Inclusive Internet Index Ranks Morocco 3rd in Africa

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