Luis Planas Fisheries Deal Continues Strong EUMorocco Cooperation


Rabat – The Spanish Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Luis Planas has again expressed his satisfaction with Moroccan-Spanish diplomatic ties.On Tuesday, Planas spoke about the Spanish royal visit to Morocco last week, emphasizing that King Mohammed VI’s invitation “testifies to the friendship, mutual trust and good relations between the two kingdoms.”The official attended a high-level conference at the 5th Halieutis Show in Agadir. Read Also: Spain: Adoption of EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement is Decisive StepThe Spanish minister said that the signing of 11 cooperation conventions during the royal visit was a “huge success.”Planas added that the fisheries agreement between Morocco and the EU is a good example of the close relationship.Spain strongly voiced its support for the adoption of the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement.In January, the European Parliament adopted the fisheries agreement. The Parliament also adopted the agriculture agreement.Planas described the adoption of the agriculture agreement as a “very important” action that is a “green light for the marketing of agricultural products.”He had also urged European MPs to adopt the fisheries agreement, allowing Spanish vessels to fish in Moroccan waters, before summer.

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