Boycotters Spread Fake News About Products Quality Centrale Danone


Rabat – The boycott against dairy company Centrale Danone continues, despite the company’s offer to reconcile with the campaign supporters. In its fourth statement, Centrale Danone denied claims of products’ alleged poor quality on Wednesday.Since the boycott against high prices was launched on April 20, Centrale Danone has released a series of statements. The first and second statements denied price increases and apologized to customers for statements by its purchasing director Adile Benkirane, who characterized the boycott as a betrayal of the nation and its products.Centrale Danone then released, on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan, a third statement, emphasizing that the company has listened to the demands of citizens and has a “special offer,” dubbed “Zine Bladi” (the Beauty of my Country), to show support for families. The offer includes a 20 percent discount on its yogurt throughout Ramadan. The fourth statement claims that since the release of the “special offer,” rumors and false information about the quality of its products were posted on social media, especially Facebook.Products are of good quality“This misinformation affects the quality of Centrale Danone’s products and could affect consumer confidence in the company’s products,” the company said in a statement. The company emphasized that it would like to give the public details on its products.“Central milk, like all other products of the company, is closely monitored during the production process” reads the statement.  The company added that the production of milk is subjected to the strictest observance of international health safety standards.“The production is also monitored by the National Office for Food Safety (ONSSA).The statement added that the firm’s five factories have an international certificate for the safety of its products, as well as other certificates, including ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000. Danone also has a recognition certificate from the Hygiene and Food Safety (HACCP).After listing several other reassurance of its products, the company called on online activists to stop sharing “suspicious information without verifying it first.”Boycotters unhappyLike its previous statements, Danone’s recent post received a backlash from Moroccan social media users. People supporting the boycott commented that they will not stop the boycott as long as it has not listened to their demands and lowered the prices of its products.One Facebook user said: “We are not asking you about the product’s quality because this is your duty, we are talking about whether you will decrease the prices.”“Be sure that we will not stop the boycott if you don’t decrease the prices,” wrote another Facebook user.“We don’t need your statements, we want you to lower your prices.”

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