Enterprise2.0: Wikis Storm the Workplace


first_imgWiki leader SocialText is reporting that more than a quarter of US enterprises are using wikis. These are the results of a survey given to 258 enterprise professionals by IDC.The benefits of a corporate wiki were summarized in the IDC study:By encouraging broad participation in content collaboration, wikis do an effective job of tapping into the collective knowledge, insights, and creativity of communities of people both inside and outside an organization. The key benefit of this type of “crowd-sourcing” process is generally faster creation of higher-quality content. Information created in this manner tends to be more insightful and relevant than information created by fewer people, either an individual or a small team.David Ferris of Ferris Research also predicts that by 2010 wikis will be the norm in the enterprise. Their group collaboration capability will allow users to collectively catalog the inner workings of their companies.last_img

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