first_imgSenior men’s winner Martin MooneyJackie Harvey – Women’s 50-plus winnerShannon McLaughlin – Senior women’s winnerJoe McCarthy – Men’s 50plus winnerJude O’Donnell Men’s 40-plus winnerST MARY’S GAA Club in Convoy has staged another excellent and successful 5k.Find out where you came below (pix Gabrielle Gallagher) 1 Martin Mooney Inishowen AC 17.092 Jack McBride Finn Valley 17.383 Jude O’Donnell Individual 17.434 Warren Blackburn Convoy AC 18.18 5 Dermot McElchar Individual 18.226 Clint Doherty LK 247 18.227 Brendan Irwin Finn Valley 18.318 Joe McCarthy City of Derry 18.409 Adrian Gill United Health Group 18.5610 Francis Gildea Individual 19.05 11 Michael McHugh Milford AC 19.0712 Martin Anderson Finn Valley 19.1413 Martin Irwin Finn Valley 19.1514 Daniel Duggan Individual 19.33 15 Shaun Boyce Individual 19.3516 Barry Mackey Individual 19.3617 Cathal Morrison Individual 19.3718 Paul Gildea Individual 19.4119 Eddie Carr Cambuslang AC 19.4920 Philip Lynch Individual 19.5821 Paddy McCauley Individual 20.0522 Adrian McHugh Convoy AC 20.0723 Gary Gillen Individual 20.0724 PJ Friel Individual 20.1625 Patrick McNulty LK 247 20.1926 Gerard McCafferty Tir Chonaill AC 20.2527 Patrick McGeever Individual 20.2728 Edward Gallagher Individual 20.2729 Eamonn Connolly Aughyaran 20.2830 Eimear McDermott Finn Valley 20.4431 Ton Bangert Lifford AC 20.4832 Anthony Murray Individual 20.5033 Eamonn Carr Cambuslang AC 21.0034 Shannon McLaughlin Finn Valley 21.0735 Angus Hunter Individual 21.1836 Gerard McConnell Individual 21.1937 Mark Mailey Convoy AC 21.2738 Adrian O’Donnell Individual 21.3039 Christopher Diver Individual 21.3640 Eugene McGinley Individual 21.3741 Sam Faulkner Individual 21.3942 David Connors Milford AC 21.4043 Daniel Cullen Letterkenny AC 21.4144 Johnny Stewart Drumoghill RC 21.4245 Benny Bonner Individual 21.4246 Mitchell McLaughlin Individual 21.4947 Patrick McDaid Lifford Fit For Life 21.5048 Maeve Culhane Individual 21.5149 Danny McDermott Convoy AC 21.5550 Charlie Deeney Raphoe RC 21.5651 Wesley Vance Individual 22.0452 Joseph Casey Individual 22.0653 Imelda Gallagher Individual 22.0654 Shaun McDermott Individual 22.1655 Emmett McNulty Individual 22.1856 Paul Kelly LK 247 22.2557 Don Smith Convoy AC 22.2658 Dermot Gallagher Individual 22.2659 Brian Duffy Individual 22.3260 John Kelly Individual 22.3461 Jackie Harvey Tir Chonaill AC 22.3662 Denise McGahern Individual 22.3663 Mary Gallagher Individual 22.4364 Edel McCarthy Foyle Valley 22.5765 Ryan Galvin Finn Valley 23.0366 Barry O’Donnell Convoy AC 23.0467 Laird McKinley United Health Group 23.1168 Sarah Doherty Convoy AC 23.1769 Andrew McCullum Individual 23.2070 Brian Dohery Drumoghill RC 23.2171 Seamus Connolly Individual 23.2972 Fionnuala Britton Individual 23.3373 Michael McGlinchey Individual 23.3674 Bernie Martin KCR 23.4075 Martin McCrody Individual 23.4276 Grace O’Donnell Convoy AC 23.4377 Seamus O’Donnell Convoy AC 23.4478 Marie McColgan Finn Valley Fit For Life 23.4479 Clara Carroll Finn Valley 23.4580 Paula Donaghy Convoy AC 23.5881 Abby O’Connor Finn Valley 23.5982 Amy McMenamin Finn Valley 24.0183 Terence Quinn Raphoe RC 24.0284 Kayleigh Ferry Individual 24.0585 Wendy Goudie Individual 24.0686 Cathal McBride Convoy AC 24.0987 Fiona Deeney Raphoe RC 24.1188 Bernie Crossan Finn Valley 24.1589 Eileen Morning Individual 24.4890 Tommy Doherty Drumoghill RC 24.5091 Linda Macbeth Raphoe RC 24.5192 Lisa Kilpatrick Raphoe RC 24.5593 Brian McCaffrey Convoy AC 25.1194 Margo Carlin Individual 25.1595 Irene McNulty Convoy AC 25.1796 Kayleigh Smith Convoy AC 25.1897 Marjan Bangert Lifford AC 25.3098 Mary Doherty Convoy AC 25.3399 Lauren Guthrie Individual 25.40100 Conor Crawford Individual 25.40101 Cora Harvey Finn Valley Fit For Life 25.45102 Lauren Taylor Finn Valley 26.25103 Victoria Kelly Individual 26.25104 Martin Crawford United Health Group 26.36105 Shaun McGuire Individual 26.42106 Kathy Kelly Finn Valley Fit For Life 26.46107 Maureen McBrearty Individual 26.47108 Syvia McGeever Individual 27.00109 Laura McGinley Individual 27.08110 Amanda Stevenson Individual 27.09111 Leanne Quinn Individual 27.14112 Kendra Wilson Individual 27.17113 Latisha Strain Individual 04:04114 Martina Grant Convoy AC 27.27115 Michael McCaffrey Convoy AC 27.28116 Marie Duffy Finn Valley Fit For Life 27.33117 Aoife McGinley Raphoe RC 27.36118 Paul Gillen Individual 27.39119 Kay Bonner Convoy AC 27.40120 Fiona Black Individual 27.41121 Dolina Laird Convoy AC 27.43122 Tyler Harkin Individual 27.56123 Trevor Gordon Individual 27.58124 John Callen Individual 28.12125 Mary McBrearty Individual 28.14126 Ellie Barron Individual 28.19127 Paul Barron Individual 28.19128 Aoise Gildea Individual 28.21129 Kevin McNulty Individual 28.28130 Fionnuala McBride Castlefin Runners 28.48131 Ashleen Temple Individual 28.53132 Hannah Parkinson Convoy AC 28.54133 Rosanna Byrne Individual 29.16134 Nuala Friel KRC 29.21135 Nuala Allan Raphoe RC 29.22136 Francis Spencer Individual 29.27137 Lucinda Magee Drumoghill RC 29.3138 Oran Patterson Individual 29.4139 Catherine Gilligan Drumoghill RC 29.42140 Colm McHugh Individual 30.12141 Aoife Harper Individual 30.12142 Betty Gallen Aughyaran 30.13143 Martina Cush Convoy AC 30.18144 Tanya Hall Convoy AC 30.18145 Kevin McGlinchey Raphoe RC 30.20146 Shauna Ward Individual 30.21147 Hugh WARd Individual 30.22148 Colleen O’Brien Aughyaran 30.31149 Josh Gildea Individual 30.48150 Paddy Gildea Convoy AC 30.49151 Margaret Callen Convoy AC 30.54152 Eugene Boyle Castlefin Runners 30.59153 Louise Doherty Individual 30.59154 Maud Boyle Castlefin Runners 30.59155 Jackie Toland Individual 31.04156 Aine Deasley Individual 31.13157 Jessica McLaughlin Individual 31.44158 Jordan Gallagher Individual 32.22159 Patricia O’Brien Aughyaran 32.52160 Rhonda Strain Raphoe RC 33.10161 Josephine Duggan Drumoghill RC 33.35162 Lena O’Reilly KRC 33.36163 Julie Cole Convoy AC 33.41164 Olivia Strain Raphoe RC 33.53165 Clare Tinney Individual 34.11166 Edel Flynn Individual 34.11167 Shauna McNamee Individual 34.37168 Willie Breen Convoy AC 34.47169 Gemma McBride Convoy AC 34.47170 Noreen Doherty Drumoghill RC 35.11171 Ava Doherty Drumoghill RC 35.18172 Oran Taylor Individual 35.32173 Wesley McClean Individual 35.49174 Aine Gallagher Individual 35.49175 Deirdre Deasley Individual 35.58176 Liz Gallen KRC 38.1177 Ciara McDaid Individual 38.35178 Stephani Harper Individual 38.36179 Jack McNamee Individual 40.07180 Aine Patterson Individual 41.44181 Amy McNamee Individual 41.44182 Anne McElchar Individual 42.08183 Grainne McElchar Individual 42.08184 Jacinta McBride Convoy AC 42.08185 Louise Cullen Individual 42.58186 Mary Harper Individual 43.08187 Sandra Tinney Individual 43.08188 Conor McDaid Individual 43.08189 Amy McBride Individual 43.29190 Sarah McBride Individual 43.29191 Karen Gallen Individual 43.29192 Mandy Woods Convoy AC 44.50193 Louise McNamee Individual 45.02194 Victoria Kelly Individual 45.02195 Mary Bonner Individual 46.15196 Majella McMullan Individual 46.15197 John McMullan Individual 46.26198 Jimmy Gallagher Individual 46.26RESULTS! 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