Ministry seeking transportation for produce


first_imgFarmers Market AppThe Telecommunications Ministry, through its Farmers Market App, is searching for persons with any type of vehicle, suitable for transporting goods, to express their interest in providing this service.In a notice published in Guyana Times on Friday, the Ministry reminded that transportation services will be needed to supply both local and international markets with fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, seafood and even meats among other things.As such, owners of aeroplanes, canters, refrigerated trucks, vans, or boats, heavy-duty cargo trucks, barges and tugs are needed to transport the items.The app was launched on Tuesday to help farmers buy and sell produce.Farmers will, however, have to be certified by the National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) by proving their goods are of an exceptional standard.A representative from the Agriculture Ministry explained that the farm certification means that the Agriculture Ministry, or NAREI, in particular, is providing the assurance that the produce being exported or traded are of the highest quality.This assurance also extends to the fact that the products would have passed through a certification programme that ensures that it is free from pests and diseases.The representative explained that the Agriculture Ministry’s NAREI branch will be responsible for visiting farmers and advising them to ensure they meet the requirements for certification.The Telecommunications Minister, Cathy Hughes, pointed out the importance of the app, as she highlighted that some parts of the world are still struggling to produce their own food.Further, she pointed out that the app will help farmers to properly choose a crop to plant based on the demands of the public, rather than planting on presumptions.This will reduce the occurrence of spoilage and more importantly, revenue loss.Hughes had urged farmers to collaborate with each other on the initiative to supply the international market if their produce does not reach the required amount requested.The new app, which is being welcomed by farmers and potential agriculturalists, was developed by 2017’s winner of the Ministry’s Hackathon, Innovative Systems.last_img

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