Influential activist who endorsed Kamala Harris in 2019 says Biden-Harris is ‘historic’ ticket


first_imgCalifornia Senator Kamala Harris, who drew crowds of potential Iowa Caucus-goers — but ended her presidential campaign in December — is the person presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has chosen as his running-mate. Former Iowa Democratic Party chairwoman Sue Dvorsky endorsed Harris’ bid for the White House on August 10th of LAST year and she calls the Biden-Harris ticket historic.“I can’t tell you how happy I am,” Dvorsky said, as her voice started to wobble. “See, I said I wasn’t going to cry, but at least I’m not sad crying. I just am so excited about this. I think it’s just the greatest thing.” Dvorsky, who lives in Iowa City, hasn’t had power or internet access due to Monday’s storm, so she heard the news about Harris on the radio — and she says it gave her goosebumps to hear Harris had been picked.“She just is so joyful and I think that the two of them together represent that very, very best of our party and of our country,” Dvorsky says. Harris is the daughter of an immigrant father from Jamaica and an immigrant mother from India and Dvorsky says Democrats will push back against “any whiff of sexism or racism” directed at Harris. Iowa Republican Party chairman Jeff Kaufmann says Harris and Biden favor a radical, far-left agenda that Iowans will reject in November.last_img

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