Colors/Guinness West Demerara Street football


first_imgFinal round-robin session, quarter-finals on tonightWEST Side Ballers and De Kinderen Ballers will open tonight’s proceedings in the final round-robin session of the Colors/Guinness Greatest of the Streets football tournament.Set for the Pouderoyen tarmac from 19:00hrs, Guinness action is expected to be exciting as the teams vie for a spot in the quarter-finals which will be played following the final round of group games on the same night.In game two, Golden Warriors go up against Patentia Street Ballers while ESPNtake on Goal Getters in game three.Good Intent All Stars play game four against The Money Team while Agricola Champion Boys have the task of playing Hustlers and Tajoe’s Admiral United challenge Brothers United.In the final group stage game Pouderoyen Showstoppers, who have dished out sound thrashings so far, will come up against Jetty.Following the completion of that game, the tournament will move into the quarter-final round.last_img

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