Cheating In Sports


first_imgIt is hard to pick up a paper these days and not find a headline story about someone cheating in sports.  Who can forget Bill Belichek and the New England Patriots and their famous deflated footballs?  A-Rod of the Yankees opened his baseball year to a chorus of boos because he is one of the many athletes suspended for the use of PED’s (performance enhancing drugs).  Several football players are also suspended for doing the same thing.We all know about Lance Armstrong and “blood doping”.  That practice is very prevalent in any bicycle racing circle.  Several years ago, before baseball players bulked up their bodies, they “corked” their bats so the ball would fly farther.  Who can forget the sight of a cracked bat exploding and the cork flying onto the grass?In 1978-79 Boston College had its famous point-shaving scandal in basketball.  Rick Kuhn and the Perla Brothers were the main characters involved.  Every year the NCAA has to hand out suspensions because some booster gave a recruit a car or job in the summer.  North Carolina had its famous “black studies” classes, and USC had football players going to a college in the summer that turned out to be an alley in LA.last_img

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