Antique to shut borders, restrict travel for 2 weeks


first_imgFor her part, Cadiao appealed to allAntiqueños to finish all personal business outside of the province and returnon or before Monday prior to the implementation of border restriction. To date, the Philippines has recorded 111cases of COVID-19, including 8 fatalities as of March 14. This prompted health authorities toplace travelers who are outside the National Capital Region as persons undermonitoring. Meanwhile, all those with medical needs willbe provided assistance through the free medical aid programs of Legarda andCadiao. The virus, which originated in theChinese city of Wuhan, has infected more than 132,000 and killed nearly 5,000in 122 countries and territories, latest data from the World HealthOrganization (WHO) showed. /PN Travel – whether by land, sea ordomestic air – in and out of the country’s capital will be prohibited. She said that border restriction isconsistent with the national policies and guidelines set by the national governmentin order to help prevent the spread of the disease. “I decided with Cong. Loren Legarda nga may 14 days kami nga lockdown or border restrictions. Kadamo sang mga Antiqueños nga nagpauli halin sa Manila,” Gov. RhodoraCadiao said, adding this move is necessary to curb spread of coronavirusdisease 2019 (COVID-19). ILOILO City – The provincial governmentof Antique will seal its borders starting Tuesday until the next 14 days in abid to safely control movement in and out of the province. Cadiao also said that she will enforcemeasures that other government officials in Panay Island and Guimaras will takeshould the province’s 14-day community quarantine lapsed. But before Metro Manila is sealed off onSunday, several people chose to return to their home provinces. President Rodrigo Duterte earlierannounced that Metro Manila’s 12 million people would be placed under“community quarantine” to contain the fast-spreading disease. Gov. Rhodora Cadiao is appealing to all Antiqueños to finish all personal business outside of the province and return on or before border restrictions take place. PIAlast_img

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