The Faroe Islands once again delighted with the new campaign and communication

first_imgNobody knows why Denmark left out the Faroe Islands from this decision, but instead of a negative narrative or a protesting “diplomatic note”, a completely unexpected campaign and communication was launched in the Faroe Islands in response to this decision. A great lesson in how to communicate and brand when you are fighting on the global stage with the big ones. When you are “small” in the context of financial and human resources, in order to stand out you have to be proactive, creative, innovative and use guerrilla marketing, and it is in this field that the Faroe Islands scored the best. The last campaign was broadcast by all world media and thus received a free media campaign worth millions of euros. “Just two hours from Denmark, another world opens up with fresh air, fantastic experiences of nature and exciting cultural and food experiences. The perfect place to land after several weeks of closure “, Points out the director Guðrið Højgaard and emphasizes that the Faroe Islands invite the Prime Minister and all the Danes to come and visit the Faroe Islands. Namely, the Faroe Islands are remote island areas of Denmark and enjoy a special status and their self-government since 1948, as well as Greenland (1979). The Faroe Islands and Greenland have their own government, but due to the fact that Denmark retains responsibility for issues such as defense, they are both represented in the Danish Parliament. The Faroe Islands are also known as Sheep Islands, because more sheep than humans live on them, they are an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark.  Namely, Denmark announced that from June 15, they will open their borders to Norway, Iceland and Germany, but not to the Faroe Islands, which in that context feel completely unjustifiably forgotten. “We attended the press conference with great interest last Friday and quickly noticed that the Faroe Islands are not mentioned at all as one of the countries that Danes can visit after 15 June. Now with the campaign we just want to remind Mette Fredriksen ( Danish Prime Minister  ) that the Faroe Islands actually exist and that we are, of course, for Danish guests with open arms “, Says Guðrið Højgaard, Director of the Faroe Islands Visit. So Visit the Faroe Islands invite Dance as well as all those who have had good experiences on these picturesque islands to help bring the Faroe Islands back to the map of the world, now that the government has forgotten them. The Faroe Islands have been without a crown for 25 days and are more than ready to welcome Danish tourists, they point out from Visit Faroe Islands, and from June 15, of course, they will open their borders to Danish guests. center_img / / / EXCELLENT INNOVATIVE VIRTUAL CAMPAIGN OF THE FAIR ISLANDS – REMOTE TOURISM The purpose is, of course, to show a number of fantastic opportunities for good travel in the Faroe Islands. After great innovative campaigns The tourist boards of the Faroe Islands, about which practically the whole world has written, delight again with their excellent communication. The campaign is called Call @ METTE, alluding to the call for the Prime Minister of Denmark The aim of the campaign is to bring the Faroe Islands back on the map in a humorous way, while promoting the destination to Danish guests. So they invite dance to publish photos #FarøerneFindesFaktisk and tag @Mette Frederiksen.last_img read more

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